The Body Shop 100K Party

so then there's the time when everything just went full blast F U N ...
yes, The Body Shop's #100KParty was the one event. the event was to celebrated the 100K followers on twitter !!

i got the invitation from a repost-giveaway from Diana Rikasari's instagram !! after i made it to the party i met new frieeeeendsss !!! lots of laugh, and smiles, and i just went warm and fuzzy inside. you will see the pics at the selfie madness section down below.

the event wrapped to a free-spirited, fun and dynamic kind of event. there were quizzes, photobooth, photo property and many prizes... and FUN people too, so many of them. at the event, we can try every product there is without getting bothered with other customer because we (definitely me) can roam around the shop and try so many things and i would say that The Body Shop can really cure my appetite for sweets. why ? you may ask, ... because their products smells like sweet. so instead of buying candies, you will just make your skin healthier but still smelling the sweetness of candies !! could you DIE !!! lol. i got too excited there. 

the only sad part was .. i had a video footage, but it won't work properly. oh gosh after i updated my phone system, the replay-setting won't really suits my mac. can anyone help me?? :(


now, The Selfie Madness section ... and actually, there was a selfie contest, but the thing was ... my signal won't allowed me to post many pictures. so what you see on instagram are the things that managed to got through the lack of signal.

new friend, numero uno .. Desi

she said hi to me first, at that time i was busy checking instagram. feel so bad that in my head, i was really looking like a snob. lol.

new friend numero dos, Kak Dian

my only proper smile. meh..

with Kak Dian, Desi, The Body Shop's Twitter-Admin

and photobombed by Wijaya 

with Diana Rikasari ... finally i can meet her and i was like too starstruck to take pics at first hehehe

with the cheeky big one (because he's really big like .. really), Wijaya.

photobombed by Kak Diana.

Me, Wijaya, Rizky and Desi

see what Wijaya did there ? Photobomb attempt-failed and the photobomb-success. 

sneaky corner mirror selfie

Dress - L'Amour / Bag - Unbranded / Aiesha Flatform - Tolliver on Zalora

p.s : I didn't had the chance to let you see the back of this dress. it's hollowed with crossed fabric .. i don't know how to say this. i'll post something in my instagram later on if i'm wearing it again *pinky promise*

it was a long day .. but it was the most fun one,


  1. itu bukan menejernya, itu si mimin. :)) kemaren gw salah nyebut soalnya, trus dikoreksiin sama menejernya langsung. haha~ waaah~ tersanjung nih foto gw ada di situuu~ ♥

  2. Glad to hear that you have fun in that event :) love your dress

  3. Nice pics and I'm glad you had fun at the event- it looks amazing :) xx Maja

  4. I love The Body Shop's products! They always smell really good and their products are of really good quality without the over-the-top price tag! Glad that you had fun at the event and possibly got to score some awesome free goodies at the party. Love the sparkly dress that you are wearing! It looks amazing on you!

    Tragic Couturist

  5. Hope you have fun, it looked really fun! ^_^



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