being BOLD

Cropped Top - FORESIGHT (thrifted)
Tank Top, Skirt, Shoes - unbranded

as i was posting the Life Advice ... i noticed that youtubers are talking about how judgemental the haters towards them. somehow this doesn't bring me any surprise. i get how people can have their opinion to things they see and hear, but i guess they don't really think things through. WORDS can affect other people deeply. i came to a conclusion that they aren't happy of themselves. i know that when you're feeling less, negative, or whatever you call it ... you tend to talk people down, mock them, insulting, and simply being mean. so please, people .. be happy and the world will be so much of a better place.

then i found this shade of lipstick, it's the MAC Violetta dupe. it's a bold color to rock on everyday makeup, don't you think? i realized that i need more experimenting to do on every aspect of my life. this experimenting thingy need some confidence aspect, ... yes, when you're feeling more positive towards life, you can do whatever you wanna do because you feel good about yourself. when you have nothing to be confident about, you will most likely be in your comfort zone - hating towards people who has an exciting life. so get your confidence on so you can make the most out of your life!! 

experiment is sometimes scary but i guess it will be all worth the risk,


  1. Love your skirt :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Totally agree - experimenting is a wonderful thing, and there'll always be someone out there trying to bring you down. They're to be pitied, not listened to! Your new lipstick is lovely :)


  3. Hi Dee and thank you for your visit!!! Floral print is one of trends of this moment....good choice for your skirtl!!!! Kisses from Italy,

  4. I really like how you talked about self-confidence. It is a really important thing to have, I tend to severely lack it at times and believe it or not blogging has really helped.

    But beyond that your outfit is gorgeous- I really love the floral skirt, those wedges, and the pink lip :)

  5. love the entire outfit


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