The End of Summer BBQ Party ft. The Fashion Scoop

Tie Dye Tee - Hand Me Down / Flare Skirt - GClothes / Flats - Rubi

OMG ... summer is almost over and I can't wait for the colder weather !! 
this collaboration theme post is suggested by The Fashion Scoop. The End of Summer BBQ 

as you know BBQ-ing with friends is the one party where you're just simply being social whilst eating yummy food.. so I decided to dress up casually complemented with bright color, something that are really comfy to be in all day and may be all night too ! as you know in a party like this, so many friends will be around, old and new. so you still need to be cute and decent .. just in case some cute boy decided to go to the party!! ok, the outfit itself ... tie dye tee is a summer staple i guess, luckily i have the simple version of it. the high-waisted flare skirt is something that is totally fuss free to wear. and i guess when you're roaming around to talk to so many people, being in flats is the best way ever, your feet will not be aching by the end of the day.

See what The Fashion Scoop decided to throw on for a BBQ party !!!

colder weather .. i need you,


  1. What a lovely outfit!

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  2. Love it Dee! You look fabulous!

    Keep in touch!
    xx Nicole

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  4. Great outfit! I love the flats! :)

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  6. The color combination here is so cool!:3
    Love that tie dye tee!!! so cool!

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!!

  7. Awesome top and these colors look perfect on you!

  8. Nice post, great pics. You look stunning.
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  9. I love how you paired the top with the skirt, looks awesome on you. Green looks really good on you. Awesome sunnies.

  10. love your blouse!! great outfit:)
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  11. i'm in love with this! great post x

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  12. You look lovely in this outfit! Love your skirt so much <3

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  13. lovely combination, and such a cute color look <3

  14. You look amazing! Love your blog,too!
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  15. Looks so lovely! Great post
    My last outfit

  16. I like the skirt and top in almost the same colour scheme because then you don't expect the flats- bam! It's coral ;)) I think it's lovely :) xx Maja

  17. Very cute outfit, love the just one drop of hippy top mixed in.

  18. I am loving these colors colors together!

  19. I love these colors!


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