Summer Night Out ft. heyhellolilly

Dress - ZARA / Belt - VNC
Aiesha Flatform - Tolliver at Zalora  / Plaid Blazer - Hand Me Down

this is what i wore to The SPANX Preview !! just had the chance to shoot this, yeah i was kinda busy and kinda .. lazy. by the tittle of the post you might know that this is a collaboration post with my fella blogger, Lilly !! we decided to make a "summer" themed post. you might wonder why .. it is because we live in the same tropical weather.. when it is summer everyday all year around !!

about the outfit itself, i personally love the color because you can never go wrong with red and black. as i stated, i wore this outfit to the SPANX preview... it was an afternoon out, but i would totally rock this outfit again for a big night out ! the dress is simple and not to mention comfortable enough for you to rock all night. i would say that the material of the dress is knitted and yes, a bit thick, too thick to rock on day light. night fall here, in Indonesia, can sometimes get a bit cold. extreme climate has been hard because on broad daylight, it can bee so hot and humid.. yet when the sun finally sets, it can be so windy and a bit cool - well sometimes the heat won't even bother to go down until 10pm. so i really appreciate 24 C temperature ... since everyday is ranging from 28 C - 34 C. i really miss rainy season ... so i can rock my sweaters and chunky sneakers.

if you want to see what Lilly put together for a Day Out ... CLICK HERE !

dear rain .. please come sooner,


  1. This dress is awesome and whole outfit is just perfect!

  2. Such an amazing outfit! I love those shoes, and the plaid adds the perfect amount of edge! <3


  3. You look amazing dear. Thanks again!

    Lilly. xx

  4. I like the sandals!

  5. wow! such a cool and edgy look! Love the clever blazer x

  6. Lovely Black and Red Combination
    Hope we can follow each other.
    Let me know if you would like to follow each other <3 <3 <3

  7. you look fierce gal!! love it x

    If you decided to follow me on (gfc, bloglovin, chictopia or lookbook), leave a comment on my blog to lemme know and I'll return the favor :)

    Little Miss Olen.

  8. Nice Blog ! Follow each other on GFC? Let me know

    Have a nice day ! Rabea <3

  9. Love that blazer! It just gorgeous and suits you best.


  10. Cute dress! Love your hair and makeup!


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