what it takes

Tee - Pull and Bear / Jeans - ZARA / Wedges - Unbranded

feeling less than color days and decided to go all out with monochrome outfit enhanced by black and white filter. sometimes you just need to space out and re-evaluate the life you're having. make the best out of your life is a must, .. but the exciting part is to re-shape it the way you want it to be. you might stumble across some obstacle but in the end it will all be worth the sacrifice. 

i feel so blessed that i know what i want, ... and i realize that it's not an easy way to have it the way i want. the hard work you put in will make you feel like you can conquer the world. start now because you don't know what opportunity tomorrow brings.

positive vibe is something that will get you far,


  1. Such a cute outfit! You have really beautiful hair.

    Raissa | http://theleatherfannypack.com

  2. Hi Dee and thank you for your visit!!! Black and white is always a good choice (for me). Kisses from Italy,


  3. Black and white pictures are always cool


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