SPANX's Preview

i had an opportunity to go to SPANX Preview that was held in Palalada, Grand Indonesia. i had such a great time because the event was carefully crafted to one big presentation about the products that SPANX has. i personally don't know that much about it, tho i did a homework of looking it up on the internet but it was not good enough. after the presentation, i kinda had a better understanding of their products ... the extra fun event was hosted by Becky Tumewu and the presentation were presented by Lauren. there were a lot of candies and sweets, drinks, and mini bites of yummy things. made quite a few chitchat with a couple of people that came to the event and yes, i really do love how the event turned out !

so if you wanna get your SPANX, you can come to SEIBU in Grand Indonesia !!
- before that ... 2 ultimate tips from Lauren are "get the right size" and "if you're an 'in between' get a size larger, not smaller." -

{ p.s : i have video footage of the collection on the models but i am not comfortable on putting it on the internet. }

so, Thank you to the SPANX team for the invitation!!

Invitation .. simple yet elegant

goodies ! 

outta focus :(

Becky Tumewu

Lauren at the middle of the presentation

Melanie Ricardo - Nagita Slavina - Becky Tumewu - Shinta Rosvita


Me and Lauren

*she's really pretty and nice and cute and somehow i  feel like she's so familiar to me ....  #fangirling*

this juice is so good ... !
yes, non alcoholic beverage .. served in champagne glasses. so cute! 

i wore an LBD from Zara with mesh detail, wedges sandals,  red plaid blazer, red belt and red Swatch watch.

i know that you can not even see the things i mentioned, but i was so into the event that i wasn't even bother to take pictures of me. well, except that one selfie with Lauren.

was a great experience,


  1. sound fun there

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