I will Survive featuring Jewelry Coco

Necklace worn as head piece - Jewelry Coco / Outerwear - Thrifted
Skirt - Cip Cheap Shop / Wedges - Unbranded / Tanks - New Look

I found myself being so worn out. This internship was somewhat a fun thing to do but now I feel so obligated to actually have fun ( to learn something too). And yes, now I don’t feel the fun factor anymore. I convinced myself every morning just to start my day… “Well, Dee. You still have 2 months to go, so drag your freakin ass to the bathroom and get this over with!!”  Forgot to mention that I have my mom yell at me at exactly 4am or so. …. Oh, again… I have to wake up at exactly 3am to get things done so I can get out of the house by 4.30am (oh what a life!) I know I am not suppose to complain as I have things to get done everyday and so many people out there that wish to be in my shoes. A wise friend once said, … “Don’t complain, just do it”  … And i want to let you know that I am trying my best.

Onto the exciting part of this post … a necklace just came to my post couple days ago and it’s from Jewelry Coco! About a month ago I was approached by their PR to actually get one of the necklace they have and after it came to the post I would say that I am so happy to be the part of their program! Btw, you can sign up to the program as well!! I decided to make it a head piece instead of a necklace because I want it to pop out ever more and I throw on some random prints to revamp my mood because after a month of doing a work, … I need to get to my guilty-pleasure-work a.k.a blogging. After taking these pictures, I realized I am somewhat in need of a night out with friends and get crazy to release some tension. Now I understand why people go out on Friday night. Now I understand why people would kill for a job that they're passionate about.

I will survive,


  1. I'm with you on the job struggle - I work 8-5 in a cubicle and sometimes get so frustrated feeling so boxed in! At least you only have a couple of months. LOVE this outfit and the mix of prints!


  2. Hi sweetie

    Thanks for sharing your post with me.
    I love the fact that you wear the necklace as a hair accessory.
    That makes you so original and unique.
    You did a wonderful job.

    Hope we can stay in touch
    isa | http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be

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  4. So cute! Love your outfit!


  5. Awesome look! Cool jacket and gorgeous necklace!


  6. Wonderful necklace/headpiece. Hang in there with the internship, learn what you can. You'll be done before you know it. If you're truly not happy, then just quit. In the long run it won't hurt you. You have a whole life full of opportunities coming. :)


  7. greaaat<3


  8. That is an early morning! I understand it gets very difficult with an internship, you are kind of at the bottom of the pile but try to go in positive, take some of the slack and eventually you could ask to do more advanced things. It's hard because I think you have to start from the bottom a lot. Ask yourself is this helping you move forward towards your goals, if the answer is no it's ok to walk away.

    I really like that you altered the necklace to a headband, it looks really interesting. I also love your shirt :)

  9. I like the way you styled that necklace as a headpiece. I hope the rest of your internship goes by in a flash, but hang in there.

  10. You look stunning! Did you get a hair cut? You look almost like the her highness, Cleopatra. Great idea, going for a headpiece instead of a necklace. Good luck with everything sweetie!

    Lilly. xx

  11. Love your outfit and that skirt is so nice. Great post.


  12. oh hope the internship gets better !!
    great look


  13. gosh! this look is so cool!!
    I loved so much this shoes! You're a angel girl!


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