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Basic White Tee - DIVIDED by H&M / Jeans - ZARA / Sandals - unbranded

Last weekend, I went on a short trip to Garut, West Java. The scenery was amazing as usual,  …mountains, rice field, blue sky, sunset, sunrise and the cold windy afternoon - see pic i snapped on my Instagram!! That made me realize that I am blessed to have such day. Lately I have been stressing out over life (like I ever stop …), it made me vulnerable. I can easily get sick, by that I mean that’s a cue for a new exciting chapter to be opened. That afternoon, in a private hot pool, I came to the realization that where I am today had made me who I am and you know what, … life has been so great that I don’t have the right to frown, being sad, and those negative vibe. I am already on a higher position than where I was, so I shouldn’t ever complain about little things. Being grateful is a state of mind, I believe.

The first thing to be grateful for is I am pretty much physically complete.

The second is my family, though sometimes I’m not on a same page with my parents – or getting some mini quarrel with brother, … I am pretty much having what I need and wanted (at some point). This life is the life to live.

Third are my education and an internship that I am doing, which lead me to stressful days … because being a grown up now seems so real. I will be 21yo soon, I guess I know what I want to do and what I need to do to get there, but the idea of doing that major things to get there feels so hard and surreal. The first step always the hardest, Rob said. 

Fourth, I am slowly building my Empire-Dream-Life. For now it’s just a plan and baby steps. it is a huge wish to fulfil.

Last but not least, having no one close enough to tell me what to do. Why should I be grateful for having no friends around? … and yes, this may sound really strange … so please let me get this straight. Remember how you and your BFF/boyfriend/people-that -maters, will do everything together? Remember those days when you want to do your own thing but your BFF/boyfriend/people-that-maters, have another thing in mind and you didn’t have the gut to tell them otherwise? Yeah, those days were so magical, isn’t it? I remember when I let people “guide” me. I listen to their opinions but let mine down the drain, because I want them to be happy, or even worse, to like me (meh ... Those magical days). But I came to a conclusion that being alone (yes, I am also single. #cuetotheboys #shamelesspromo ) is a blessing in disguise, because I can actually think for myself and decide what I want – what I need to do to actually get there.

Those things make me happy, scared, excited, and anxious at the same time. But I guess it won’t be a life to be alive in, if those things don’t make you feel those feelings.

so, What are you grateful for?

p.s : i do enjoy my basic white tee so much i have 2 favorite that i truly don't want to wear anything else. so pardon my lack of "fashion" ... 

cue to venture things,


  1. Really an heart touching post!!! I love your outfit. Talking about me: I'm grateful for having grateful for having my family and loved ones.

  2. beautiful post :)

  3. My go to look for most days is a white top, jeans, statement accessories or foot wear. Plus red lipstick.

    Many days I find myself questioning so many things in my life-- especially when I'm stressed. I've learned that the most important thing is to tune out from stuff for a bit-- go to a quiet spot in the office and just relax and recount what are the things that I am grateful for. Family tops that list for me. I think it's important that even when things get crazy it's important not too dwell on issue and to look for the silver lining in everything. x

    x Francesca of

  4. Gratitude is everything, I tend to check in with myself every day to see for what I am grateful. Cool photos.

  5. It was funny when you added *cuetotheboys* and *shamelesspromo*. Now that you brought that topic up, it made me realize that i haven't taken time to stop and reflect, i haven't been grateful and wasn't thinking of it, and wasn't feeling bad either. But now, i think i should stop myself about what im currently being busy about and start thinking about things i should be grateful.

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  6. Great sandals :)


  7. Cute style!

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