sweater weather .....yet? ft. Claws Up

credit : Pinterest

credit : Pinterest

credit : Pinterest

as you all know, Indonesia was not blessed with beautiful snow falling on fall, but we are blessed to have rainy season that makes everything gloomy and romantic, well...at least for me.
and as you all know, ... global warming has messed up the schedule of the season.  couple years ago, i could get away with wearing thick (and CUTE) jumper to school because of the intense rain and the cold it brings, but now i barely stand the unsettling weather, it's hot but it rains, but sometimes the rain won't even bother to fall. it supposes to rain all the time, for GOD sake !! so here is my alternative to beat such heat, thin sweater.. it's thick enough to make you warm when the rain falls, but thin enough to beat the heat and i think you'll still look cute.

oh right, here's another alternative to this weird weather (but hers is not this weird), link to my friend's post, Jacquie ... (click here!)

i miss the gloomy weather,


  1. Love the 1st one!

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  2. uuuh i can totally feel you :( sebel sm weather indo yg gajelss!

  3. Global warming has made the weather crazy here too. Having a light sweater is perfect for these times!

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  6. Love the neck detailing of the second sweater. Amazing post & would you like
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