Verbose Kimono - Jade Inane

yes, i cut my hair shorter. again.
yes, i barely post anything.
yes, i am on the edge.

on hair note, but i feel like it's time to grow out my hair again to it's full glory. no dye, no chemical process, - just treatment to make it healthy again like what i had almost a year ago. with this short hair, i feel more fresh and care-free now. despite the fact that i already giving less and less "F" everyday. the boredom has set in, once again ... The Fresh Start Syndrome, i call it. i get how life is full of ups and down, but having to deal with bureaucracy sets the syndrome in once again. why ... you may ask.. this has something to do with my internship. i know how i suppose to start at the bottom, and work-life is how it is, i have to do what my boss want me to do, i have to blablabla ... but don't you think this can be simplified? you can be the boss with all the glory, but being humane at the same time, can't you? don't you think your employees have no life, beside work? well, i think so, at least. so, while having an upcoming eruption of mental breakdown (well, i have that for 2 weeks now), .. i'll just be happy about how this internship is coming to an end -and i don't think i'm up to corporate job ... i might change my mind, but for now, Thanks but No Thanks.

oh God please help me. 



  1. Love that kimono!

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  2. Haaaiii banyak banget nih yang curhat masalah kerjaan/internship di Legatalk. Coba download deh, bisa curhat anonim gitu di appnya. You might love it! :)

  3. Love your hair and your outfit!


  4. congrats on the internship! love the long kimono too <3

    Metallic Paws


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