so then i realized that live goes on no matter what. the internship is coming to an end and you know what, .... people who's gifted with common sense is a rare breed. i can't even.

ok, forget about that and let me tell you something... i think i need to step up my blog-game. i think i might bring Fella-Blogger Collab to a regular beat, because i think i have been neglecting this blog as i was (so called) busy with wrapping up the internship. i was totally unhappy because i know i love this blog with my soul and not loving the internship (you all know, i know). but i guess it's just a matter of perspective, because at some point of my life, i need to catch up with life. i will be forever grateful if i get a job that i actually enjoy, ( *cough* fashion industry *cough* ). i'm actually excited about life right now, though i want to just let myself have a little break  of "school" ..i think i need to figure out things for my future, starting with my Thesis. it's been on my mind for the past year or so, because picking up topics is not an easy thing to do. i have to come up with several and may be narrowing to down to 3. wish me luck !!

about the outfit itself, ..i wore this to my Aunt's wedding. nothing special about the outfit, but i realized that i have been stressing about "love" for a good while. the funny thing is, even i was making a very big deal out of it, i kinda throw the idea of it to the dumpster. i just don't get myself lately. but i guess i just need to get it together and proceed with life and as someone said to me, "love comes eventually".

p.s :
dyed my hair with "Deep Burgundy" from Revlon, review soon !!

got game?


  1. Your blog is so nice! Hope you could visit mine too :)

  2. Love your blue top^^~

  3. Love it! I love those shoes!


  4. Amazing photos and amazing outfit!
    If you have instagram I want to know it because I'm a instagram addicted,my instagram is @carmenpaastor.
    Kisses from

  5. I love this top. || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle
    p.s I am giving away a £30 ASOS voucher on my blog :)

  6. Love your top especially the color. The blue shade is really nice and looks good on you <3

    Deasy Tantra

  7. Your heels and your clutch is soooo awesome!

  8. You look gorge !!


  9. Blue suits you perfectly! :) Ah yes, we all wish to work what we love (and love what we work). I'm sure you'll get a job that will excite you :) xx Maja

  10. That color suits you perfectly! You look absolutely great.


  11. This is perfect ;u; I love this outfit and your hair! *u* Great post :)
    ~Kiyomi <3

  12. I love your blue top.
    Look cool.


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