HUT !! .... TOUCHDOWN !!

Game Day for Football fans is not something to be taken lightly, some people really devoted to this tradition. as a girl, i am not someone who watch Football ...but definitely enjoy to dress to the occasion. here's my Game Day Get-Up(s).

i picked these NFL Jerseys from Fanatics !! i love how they are accommodating such a wide range of jersey and i bet you will find just the perfect jersey for you to cheer on your favourite team!! go give 'em a visit !!

oh, and ... i simply chose those jersey coz the color and number :) nothing personal towards the team. i was tempted to make one collage for one jersey but i guess i will be spending so much time to style them one by one, like i said ... a WIDE range of jersey to choose from!! i only choose from the man section just because i love how baggy it is, so i can play with proportion, illusion to make me look taller. lol.

so now, ... ready??

Game Day at The Stadium !!

get the jersey HERE !

Game by anjanidee featuring black boots

i choose these items because i think it's necessary to keep yourself warm in the open air, ditch the coat and beanie if the weather is already warm for your liking.. and those shoes, well .. since i am a petite kinda gal, i opted for something to make me high enough to see over people's heads but comfortable enough to walk and standing in, hours and hours.


Game Day at Home !!

get the jersey HERE !

if you are planning to spend time at home watching the game with your friends, this is the perfect attire. these items aren't too fussy to wear at home, but you are still rooting for your team! you are still stylish enough, but beyond comfortable to dedicate your time to cheer for you favourite team. talk about dedication, huh?


p.s :

What's your perfect Game Day GetUp ???

thank you Fanatics for the opportunity to unleash the sporty side of me,


  1. i love the boots


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