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Simple Getaway

well, since i don't have any plan yet to spend the NYE. i would just sit in front of the TV, reflecting on life, binge on movies and popcorn. here's my simple living room set to fulfil that NYE plan of mine. it's simple and comfortable enough for me to escape from reality (hectic day at school, frustrating day at the office, ..) and rest. i feel like the simplicity with pops of color is enough to re-charge me. i feel like people can be so obsessed with their life and then forget to take a good rest. it's needed, you know.

2014 is coming to an end and this is my last post ever on this year. several days ago, i had an epiphany that NYE is the one time people flock to celebrate the new page they will write in. well, as in for me, it's more to the quiet side of the road. i usually spend my NYE with friends BBQ-ing. but as 2015 is approaching and i don't have that many plans. i guess, it's a good thing. i want 2015 to be more of a productive year, i want to achieve as much as i could -  blogger wise and also student wise. i want to graduate, be a real blogger and figure out life along the way :)

p.s :everything can be found in Modani, they have quite serious cute stuff there, like their modern sofas (as a centre point of your room, it's quite a statement piece)! because fashion is not only shown through an outfit, but how you 'style' your room is another way to show it. 

to see more inspirations you can look on their twitter and instagram !

what's your recharge routine and what's your plan on NYE ?

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