[ REVIEW ] Revlon ColorSilk #34 Deep Burgundy

so then i dyed my hair again.. since i cut my hair so short, i feel like it's time to let this grow out healthily. but i was so annoyed with the weird brown-red-ish in my hair, i told myself to dye it again. i was strolling in a supermarket when i found this hair dye. i would say that i have been hearing about how good this product is and i was eager to try it. seeing that this dye was on sale, i didn't even think twice to browse through the color range available. i was torn between choosing the burgundy or the deep burgundy. but i think, since i need to focus on something else on the new year, (oh the infamous New Year Resolution, ....) this deeper tone won't be as high maintenance as the lighter one.

soon as i get home, i did my hair.. the result was so dark, i was convinced that this is actually the darkest plum color. but under a sunlight, the plum-y color really shows. nevertheless, ... i love my new hair color !!

so, .. here's what i thought about Revlon ColorSilk - #34 Deep Burgundy

+ complete guidance
+ easily mixed
+ thick consistency
+ smells ok
+ no ammonia
+ deep, rich color result
 + nourishing, my hair feels thick and healthy after dyeing
+ the "after-color" conditioner smells so amazing, it stayed for solid 2 days

- hard to rinse off
- stains stay

result can be seen in my last outfit post :)

not a sponsored post.

can i call myself a brunette now .....or Nah?


  1. Hi Dee! I do not know this product, but reading your post looks like a very good product.... Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),


  2. Great review of this product! Your hair looks great!


  3. i heard about this product too this is a cool stuff like a fresh light hair color :) have u try it?

  4. great review dear! :)



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