(not) a new color

i was just thinking that 2015 will be the best year, it's gonna be my year. every new year people comes up with long list of resolutions. yes, to be healthy, to workout, to be a better person and whatnots. yes, life goals need to be directed towards the better version of yourself. i have several of that cliche goals too. but i really am going to do them, one goal at a time.

onto the outfit itself, it's a see through dress with polkadots on it. with the hi-low shape and cutting i feel like it's so cute. i play a bit with texture and proportions. loose, flowy, thin dress on the outside and body hugging, skin tight bralette and pencil skirt inside. i can totally see myself wearing this for a cute day out with friends, or a casual party - birthdays, engagements, or whatnot. it's airy and comfortable enough to rock on both daytime and nighttime, you just got to add accessories of your choice.

p.s : for the lack of color = "the more simple, the better"

dressing up is a type of cosmetic surgery for being confident,


  1. Gorgeous dress! You look so pretty!


  2. Love the mesh texture and the cut of the dress...

  3. oh i love this dress so much! the see-through with the polkadots is to classy and I love the hi-lo!


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