first day of school is around the corner, ... I just can't accept the fact that i need to go back to school, but excited to have a structured routine. I have said that I'm a walking contradiction in several of my posts, so yeah ... 

for the outfit itself, ... it's an amp up version of something that I would totally rock to school (or Uni). it's more on a lazy side, slouchy but still look presentable because of the bright skirt. dressing for school is something that is actually tricky for me. it's more acceptable to wear something boring and conservatives (yes, several people stared just because I wear "different" clothes). yet, i decided to just be me for the remaining 2015, because I don't think I have that much time to just appreciate myself. after the 2014 incident, I feel like I wasted so much of my time to please other people. it's january and still the very first chapter of my 2015 book, so I shall make the best out of it. I have to make up the whole 10 months of last year that i wasted just like I breathe. 

2015 is the year of change. no more heartbreak wounds (it's been almost 3 years), just new opportunities.


Mint Flare Skirt - GClothes
Chunky Heels - HeftySalient

Photographed by Farhan


stoked - but not really (for school),

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  1. I want those heels!

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  2. So cute! Love your skirt and the color


  3. Love the skirt!!!

  4. Those shoes are so so fab :))

    xo, Jess @


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