I know that I'm super late on this kimono madness. but since I found out that kimonos are super versatile to dressed up or down, I'm in love! first thing that I did to fulfil this need ... is Instagram-window-shopping!! then I realized that for one simple cardigan kimono, it will cost me more than Rp100K (US$8) for unbranded piece and more than Rp300K (US$24) for well known brand. it's pretty cheap for most people but for me it's just not worth my money. so instead of saving money for buying a cardigan kimono, I made my own - may be one or two. I'm selling the kimonos that I made. I will start roughly on February, on my carousell ... !! I'm still experimenting with length and I'm having so much fun!! I will keep you updated :)


Abridge Kimono - Jade Inane
Chunky Wedges - HeftySalient

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  1. So pretty! Love this look



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