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not too long ago, in the gym (yes, I work out regularly now), a trainer said that I look better, a slight slimmer. so happy that those days killing myself on the treadmill finally paid off a bit - not finish just yet. then i realized that people despise the idea of "New Year Resolution" of getting fit just because you need to be dead tired every single day after a workout and the result won't be visible in a short period of time. no pain, no gain, am i right? and the fact that this girl, that need to shed a couple stone, is going to workout every day ... people just won't take it seriously. "i bet you will give up at the end of the month", so a friend said to me after i decline an invitation to lunch. i have been going to the gym for almost 3 months now, and i don't think that i will stop anytime soon. that got me thinking that when you're trying to reach something, your dreams and goals, you need to let go of people that don't go with your master plan. it'll hurt to loose a friend, but your self worth is higher than to keep a toxic friend around. sure, i won't be all slim and fit in the next 2 weeks, but i'm getting there. may be a couple more months and gonna be working out regularly for the rest of my life. healthy life, happy me.

ok, enough with the rant ... onto the simple outfit.

keeping it all simple, just because less is more. the black is shaping me up, snugged to my skin. the white is pulling it all together. and the red makes the necessary pop of color. and as you can tell, my love for flare skirt hasn't ended yet! this outfit help me to elongate my legs and making me look taller .. (yes, i'm a 5' girl) !! and this heels is just a perfect pair to my collection, have been longing for a red shoes for-ever and i can't wait to get the black one !!

life won't start unless you kickstart the engine,

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  1. Those heels are adding a perfect pop of color!

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  2. "life won't start unless you kickstart the engine" indeed what i a great thought ...
    By the way I loved your shoes <3 <3 <3

  3. You look beautiful! Love your shoes


  4. Cute shoesss :3


  5. That dress is so flattering on you and I love that pop of red!

  6. Love this outfit and the pop of color!


  7. cute dress

  8. Great style! I really love your shoes!

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