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Striped Shirt - thrifted / Flatform - Tolliver on Zalora

so, first of all, .... HAPPY NEW YEAR to y'all !! I know this may sound cliche but I wish you all the best year ahead of you. as I shared before, I want 2015 to be the year for me to be a better blogger, a better student, and graduating Uni... with so many mini goals, I think this year might be the busiest I will ever have. goals keep my passion ignited, do you feel the same way? first real goals that I'm doing is providing this blog with a better picture quality. I used to resize my picture to a smaller size because it's gonna be easier to load, but over the time, I'm just not happy with the quality of them. since my dad bought a new camera, I decided to stop resizing picture to small sizes. second is that I want to do more posts, at least once a week. (trying to be a better blogger is on point, ..well, at least the planning is on fleek)

onto the outfit itself, it's just an extended version of a pyjama - slouchy enough for a lazy day but decent enough for you to be seen in. for you who's already going back to school or Uni, this outfit might be the best for your lazy day ( of course not for Indonesian, coz here we use uniform - sad but true ) ! for you who's still afraid to dress the way you want, put on makeup the way you want, get a degree that you want, or whatnot ... just do it!! because we need to make this year our year! you might regret your time that you wasted for nothing, so instead, let's just use 2015 to pursuit our dream(s) !!

how will your year be?

steady steps,


  1. Love ur shirt!

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  2. Amazing look I really like your style and the shoes are too nice :)
    I wait you in my blog dear :D

    xx Lisbeth

  3. Lovely outfit! You look great


  4. Happy New Year Dear
    Saw this picture in your Instagram.everytime you come up with the statement outfit. You are inspiring...wish you have a great year ahead!! Love you
    Check out my New Post on my blog, your feedbacks matter to me

  5. happy new year juga saaay! and love the casual outfit on you ;)


  6. Cute outfit! I love our flatforms a lot! Wishing you a wonderful 2015!


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