Chill Day

as you guys may know, for the past days ... Jakarta now has been blessed with a lot of rain, an over pouring one. There's flood everywhere. The outcome, not only it makes people need to evacuate from the comfort of a home, ... it held up a lot of people's business and schedules, including mine. Haven't gone to the gym (yes, pilling on some weight again, huh Dee? ...), haven't took any outfit pictures to update this blog, and I haven't done anything major. To top that amazing (NOT!!) things, just got the news that an event was cancelled (oh there goes my i'm-not-alone valentine day)!!

So I think, I need to improvise to make this blog alive once again.
so here are my saviours for an unproductive day. snacks - cornflakes, banana with Nutella and green tea !!, scented candles, and books!

how do you spend your unproductive day??  oh and for you fellow Jakartans, are you safe and sound?

going beast mode after all these passed,

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