off duty

I can't believe that it's February already!! This month is finally the month when school starts (oh the glorious Uni days) !! I personally getting hyped for this semester, it's so shocking that I actually excited for this kind of madness. May be it has to do with how I only need to take 2 classes ... (my composition paper got held up just because I'm lacking 2 class credits, ... what a shame!!).  With this kind of madness, I think it's the time to actually pursuit things that I need to pursuit.. I'm currently developing a line of Kimono Cardigan called Jade Inane and I think I have to focus on that a little more. I have been having this idea for quite sometime and now I have the time to shift a bit of my focus to that, feels a little more refreshing. 

This outfit is a laid back outfit to rock on a lazy day (but you still want to look at least decent). The t-shirt paired with this skirt (peek-a-boo detail, well .. I DIY-ed it myself) seems cool enough to rock for running errands and lunch. I couldn't help myself to throw on this red simple heels just to spice things up a bit. Soon as I put together this outfit, I get the vibe of "off duty" models seen in the street of the Fashion Week Season. That brown bag looks a little off, but I feel like it's big enough to carry a lot of things when it comes to running errands .. or may be I need to buy a new black bag that can provide my needs (oops, shopping alert!!)

p.s :
. check out Hefty Salient for comfy, stylish, and cheap shoes!! Everything is tested already by yours truly, so I know how comfortable the shoes are.
. Kimonos on Jade Inane are now open for order. So if you're interested you can visit the page I linked or just go to Jade Inane's instagram!!


Tee - thrifted
Skirt - Thamrin City Mall (DIY)
Simple Heels - Hefty Salient

photos taken by Farhan


pursuing passion,


  1. I love this outfit! Congrats on your kimonos!

    Kim .. HAUL?!

  2. This is gorgeous! Love your skirt and love the red shoes with it


  3. I love your outfit~<3 and your hair and your bag and your shoes hehe ^^

    Sindy xx

  4. awesome colour combo!

  5. Hiya! I love your blog and your style! I followed you, hope you will follow back :) Have a lovely day :D

    Sims Addictions

  6. I love the contrast between your shoes and your outfit, it suits you really well :)

    Building The Confidence

  7. Nice! This bag is super awesome!

  8. I adore this look! I love how the shoes contrast with the maxi skirt :) It's definitely an off-duty model look and you look lovely :)

    Rachel xx

  9. Amazing <3

  10. Love your skirt and red shoes

  11. Love the bag :D

  12. Love the matching of the blue and red. Great bag too!

    Jessica |


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