[ FEATURED ] Koran Sindo - 7 Maret 2015

I was featured in a national newspaper here in Indonesia, Koran Sindo, along with big names such as Pevita Pearce! I want to thank my friend, Nihaya, for the opportunity to have such "interview". In this article, I have my friend, Rizky Hafizan from MRHL'S, featured too!! So here is the article (in Bahasa and in English) just in case you can't see the pictures clearly.

Article in Bahasa :
Cewek yang akrab disapa Dee ini sering melakukan analisis tren fashion terkini untuk dituangkan ke dalam blog miliknya. Hal ini yang kemudian menjadi inspirasinya menampilkan #OOTD di blog ataupun Instagram. Dee mengaku membutuhkan banyak waktu untuk belajar bagaimana memadupadankan pakaian, berpose di hadapan kamera, membaca tren pasar, hingga menulis blog yang baik.

Baginya, mem-posting foto #OOTD sudah menjadi kewajiban minimal seminggu sekali. Dee mengatakan bahwa saat ini sudah banyak blogger mode yang bertubuh gemuk dan kemudian menjadi model internasional. Berbekal apa yang ia pelajari, fashion saat ini sudah tak melulu mengekspos mereka yang kurus. Karena itu, ia pun merasa sudah tak ada alasan untuk minder lagi.

Untuk mengakalinya, ia memadukan beberapa outfit-nya dan sapuan makeup agar terlihat lebih ramping. Ia juga selalu berpikiran positif agar bisa menampilkan yang positif. Ia juga menambahkan, "Toh yang kurus pengin gemukan dan yang gemuk pengin kurusan, you'll never win that battle." katanya.

Article in English : 
The girl that usually called as Dee is often analyzes fashion trends to post it on her blog. This then become a trigger of inspiration to feature an #OOTD in her blog and Instagram. Dee claims that it required her a lot of time to learn how to mix-and-match clothes, posing in front of camera, analyzes fashion trends, and how to make a good blog post.

For her, posting an #OOTD is a routine that has to be done at least once a week. Dee said that there are now so many fashion bloggers that are on the heavier side and made it to be an international model. Armed with what she had learnt, she realized that fashion nowadays doesn't only cover "thin" people. Therefore, She felt that there is no reason to feel inferior anymore.

The trick she uses is to wear the right fitting clothes and put on makeup that make her look slimmer. She tries to always thinking positively in order to give positivity to the world. She also added, "After all, the skinny ones want to have some weight and the heavier ones want to loose some weight, you'll never win that battle."

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