[ REVIEW ] Garnier BB Cream

Several months ago, I was running out of my BB Cream (I usually use The Body Shop's). Since I was in a grocery store, I decided to browse my options. So then I found several BB Cream from various brand and after a quick read on the ingredients and stuff, I chose the BB Cream from Garnier . The part that sold me was the SPF, because I realized that not many BB Cream offers SPF in their concoction. 

On first try, I realized that this BB Cream has a cooling sensation (which was new for me). You can see in the picture above that they claims certain things and I can confirm that all of it is true. Although it has minimal coverage, my acne marks looked a bit toned down. But my skin is still so oily at the end of the day and to be safe and precise, I estimated that it holds my skin together for approximately 8 hours indoor (keep in mind that I have sensitive, oily skin. So I can't be in the sun for too long, unless I want my makeup to melt)

This product is not necessarily my go to product, but it has done it's job to make my face looking decent from day to day basis. If you need something that you can just slap on in the morning and make your face looks alive, this can be your choice. It's natural enough but still build able if you need to. Definitely need to repurchase this!!

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  1. Have use this product a LOT! but now after two years doesnt suit me much
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  2. a lot of people tak about bb cream, i guess i should try one
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  3. I've tried this before perhaps I will now. Great post xo


  4. great review!



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