[ REVIEW ] Oriflamme Very Me Perfect Powder

I have used these powders for quite awhile now (you can really tell how ugly looking those powders are now, it used to have a pretty flowery carving on them), but I totally forgot to share my thoughts on these (despite using these everyday). Ok, I bought them from my friend (Nurul) when I was in the market for a bronzer and highlighter. Since I wanted something totally subtle and light, she told me that these products would suit what I needed. I got them in Bronze and Clear. The Bronze is being used as a bronzer and the Clear is for highlighter/blush. Totally not they're made for, but like I said, I only want a bronzer and highlighter that subtle for everyday wear. The Bronze one has a shimmery finish with a little amount of glitter but still matte enough and the Clear has more of a matte finish.

so here's my thoughts on them :
- Easy to work with. Definitely wearable for a day to day basis.
- Sheer and subtle but build-able if you need to.
- Just pigmented enough and looks great on olive skin tone (yellow undertone)
- Compact, so you can just pop them in your purse.
- Packaging is simple, so you concentrate more to the beauty on the product.

Overall thought, ... These are great products. If you are just starting with makeup or on the market for something to wear on a day to day basis, these products might just be the right one for you!!!

Indonesian reader, you are most welcome to hit my friend, Nurul, up if you need advice or something. But please kindly tell her that I sent you!! 

I do my makeup for fun,


  1. Great review! Have a nice weekend


  2. Hello! Cool post, and I really like your blog, feel free to check out mine if you want :)

  3. Nice review! Would have loved to see the carving in the powder but when you love something, you have no choice but to use it! xo


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