[ ADVICE ] Don't You Want to Loose Weight?

So, recently I got a message from someone in one of my account of my online presence. It was a casual conversation until one question made me ticked. This man asked me about how I feel about my body as a plus size girl and do I have any insecurities about it. First of all, Sir... Thank you for your concern but I am happy with where I am right now. Don't you realize that everyone, like EVERY ONE, has insecurities? So I told him that I have insecurities but I am beyond happy and enjoying the body that I'm in (with a long essay of course). After that he proceed to told me to loose some weight (oh snaaaap, he didn't). I was beyond angry at that point and I told him just to mind his own business and I cut the conversation short. I want to address something, I do need to loose weight. But I don't do it to be anybody's eye candy, I only do it because I want to. All of you know that I have been going to the gym for months now, I am feeling more and more happy because I'm getting fit and to be honest, I'm not doing it to be skinny. My endurance level has slowly getting higher and yes, visually it doesn't look like I'm progressing (even my Mom questioned me for it) but believe me I am. I can fit to a size M top as before I could only be happy to fit into an L or XL. 

This sounds defensive, huh? I know, ... I know.

But don't you think you just can fire question like that? Anybody can fall into a pit where stress, depression, and insecurities get the best of them, leaving them just empty and unhappy. You don't know how bad the struggle someone experience and just one question can just make them jump to the pit. I have friends that are so beautiful but they don't have the confidence to tell themselves that they are, in fact, beautiful. Everybody is prone to stress and depression, some people just hides it better.

...and here I am, heavier than most girls, not that beautiful, not that smart, barely 5' tall, and so on. I know that I am not even near perfect (who is anyway?), yet I can confidently say that I am decent. Yes, I am short. Yes, I am heavy. Yes, I am not that beautiful compared to beautiful people. But I know better, this body is the body that was given to me to take care of. With me being confident in my own skin makes my day a little easier because I care less about what other people thinks of me. You like me? .. Thank you, I like you too. You don't? ... Nice to meet you. I wish you luck, Mate (just like this video of Lady Sovereign). I was a part of a youth club in my early years of existing on earth and it shaped me well. Being a part of that youth club built my confidence and taught me about how personality and talent are needed to be socially decent. Oh, and looks can be altered by makeup (yes, I was such a deep child back then, .. still am tho. Just doesn't look like I do). I remembered that my Oma once told my Mom about how I am wearing makeup hence I am heavy. I can't really pin point when I got this confidence... but believe it or not, from an early age I don't have much f*ck to give so I am who I am from the beginning of time. So then I started my own blog, ... not just any blog,  a "fashion" blog. A community where everybody is so beautiful and slim and amazing and unicorns. I want to inspire others because at the end of the day I can only project a sense of my self but I can't really help people. I love dressing up, I love makeup, and I love rambling nonstop. I think I am in the right place.

As I have been paying attention closely to the news about suicides, slut-shamming, body-shamming, and all the bad things society thinks it's ok to have, I learn a lot about body positivity. I have learned that embracing what I have and striving to be better are the essentials of living in the modern world. So it doesn't matter if you are skinny, heavy, or whatnot ... loving yourself is the most important thing you can give to yourself. You can only go so far if you are not happy with yourself and the extend of your journey depends on how you see yourself. Accept who you are and strive to be better. If you want to gain some weight, do so. If you want to be a tad slimmer, by all means, please do. But never do it just because you want to please other people. Be confident in your own skin because even if you go under the knife and you're molded to the most perfect human on earth, you will not be happy about it because you don't have the confidence also a sense of yourself. You will just find things that you want to be even more perfected. You will never win a battle you started with yourself, believe me I've been there.

Let's just accept who we are, embrace it well, strive to be the best version of yourself and make the world a better place by bring out the best in other people (compliment people instead of putting them down)! Reach me anywhere (my links are in the sidebar) if you want to discuss a thing or two about this thingy majigy, ... I'm more than happy to share!!



  1. WOW what a jerk! You are BEAUTIFUL! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

    1. aww babe, thank you!!!
      p.s: you're also beautiful :)

  2. You look so cute and Great post. :)


  3. Such a dick! You're nothing but a perfect young woman. Some people seeing someone physically and that is never going to be their way of stopping you being you. You're beautiful, smart, talented, and such things only belong to someone who true to themselves. fakes are always be fake. Keep it going gal! Your positivity and honesty is a way of inspiring others :)
    don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!


  4. Well, I see that this guy was... I dont want to say dick as girls in previous comments... I would say he was probably not self secure himself and was seeking for it in you. Often when we dont like something about ourselves we criticise others for it.... But lets forget him, cos he is just some noone....

    To be honest I kind of admire that you are self confident with who you are and how you look.... I may be slimmer but I am for sure not more self confident than you are.... Just pls, stop repeating that you are not beautiful. I believe that words have a power and if you repeat you r ugly, you will became ugly. Beauty is very subjective... I think your face is really pretty, you have gorgeous skin (I am already 30 sth and I still fight with acne!!! can you imagine, oh..) and being short is not disadvantage at all!!! I always was jealous of girls who are short- I thought it is easier to find a boy in whose arms you can hide, hahaha

    As I see it, it is not important how skinny/fat you are, but how do you take care of your body. It is important what we eat, what we drink and if we exercise, what kind of cosmetics you use and so on... This is not defined by silhouette... I have many friends who even though much bigger than me, lead much healthier lifestyle than I do.

    So I wish you to stay happy with yourself- you are the only one with whom you have to be whole your life- and to share a bit of your confidence with us... (I would use some for sure!)

    Have a lovely day!

    1. awww babe, thank you! I guess you're right about how we tend to criticize other harshly just because we don't like our own being. thank you for pointing that out !!

      have a lovely day as well!



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