[ REVIEW ] Ifa Puspita Kukui Nut Hair Vitamin

As you all know, I have been so mean to my hair for constantly dyeing it impulsively with all the colors I fancied every other week. Like, I'm not kidding. One day, I was having lunch with 2 friends of mine, one of them was selling this product and she offered me to buy it. After discussing my problem, she was nicely suggested me to just buy the hair vitamin for dry hair. I thought to my self that this might help my hair to recover from such damage then I agreed to buy this hair vitamin. 

As soon as I got my hands on this, I washed my hair and put this on. The smell of this product is lemony, citrusy (I can't decide, haha). The capsules are just a regular capsules that you need to snipped the top off and squeeze the liquid out (sounds gross, but it's just what it is). Every little capsule has Pathenol, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and candleberry oil in it, so it strengthen and helps your hair to be strong and smooth. You need to apply it to your damp hair concentrating from ends to the mid shaft of your hair (after the snipping and squeezing, of course) and probably works best if you use it after your night shower because your hair can absorb all the nutrients overnight. But don't sleep when your hair is still damp, dry them for at least 80% dryness. Oh, .. I forgot to mention that the fragrance in the hair vitamin only last for 2 days top (for me it's not a big deal. But if you feel the need for your hair to smell amazing all the time, this might be a downside). The result will be visible after a week of regular use, it's quite fast for me because several product I tried need a good 30 days to show result. So, If you're in the market for hair vitamin, the affordable one, you can try this product. Please contact my friend, Triani, to purchase this air vitamin and tell her that I sent you.

Smooth Hair all day,


Sunday, May 10th 2015

As I now having teal hair, I think this hair vitamin is kinda stripping out my color a little bit. As I said that I use this after I washed my hair, I noticed that the color of my hair is a little faded out. But then again, this product keep my hair in a good condition after I smothered it with bleach to get the teal to pop so I guess I don't really mind to get the color of my hair gets a little bit compromised.