At The End of The Day, We Cope

The past months has been hard for me. I was so caught up with what I call future and I just don't know how to make things happen. I know "depressed" is a big word, but I'm feeling so stressed out, I feel like this can go downward, spiralled itself to hell.... but at the end of the day, I think I can go through this, like I always do. The short trip I took was a decent one to throw my sanity back to the table, not to mention that the sunset was so beautiful. This trip was sweet and oddly satisfying. 

I took the gut to wear this dress just because I'm feeling more like myself. A cute sundress to wear in the beautiful beach vacation is the only way to go. Don't you think ?



Hat - Fab.ID
Dress - H&M
Bralette - Laroche

Picture taken in Pulau Pramuka by Farhan


  1. what a perfect sunset and a perfect beach! great pictures

  2. Wow! Great pictures... Love your dress...

  3. Great look!)

  4. I know what its like to feel like that. Just keep your head up, even when its hard. You will get through it :) You look gorgeous, I love your dress!


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