Yes, I dyed my hair. Yes, it's so mainstream to have candy-colored hair. But let me explain.. I have this hair just because it's the most "open" semester for me. It's laidback, steady flow, and I don't have to be in campus most days. I've had enough with my "under the radar" hair just because my campus is somewhat "conservative". I have had enough. So then I had my hair bleached to an almost white stage and then slap some blue all over. My mom is a little bit concern but it's not like I'm doing drugs or something! It's better to experiment with something safe rather than going to the extreme like tattoos (tempting tho..), drugs, or whatnots. I feel empowered to finally do what I have wanted to do for so long!

Onto the outfit itself, nothing special about it. I'm just really into skirt and crop top kinda thing. I would definitely go out on a casual day with this ensemble. It's effortless but still have some character to it.



Crop Top - Singapore (DIY)
Shoes - Hefty Salient


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