[ ADVICE ] Adopting Babies

I have been eye-ing this pair of Steve Madden inspired Brash Shoes for so long but can't manage to have them in hand just because I was still a highschool-ers and don't have that much to spend. But as I was scrolling through a hashtag #secondhandindo in instagram and saw this pair, my heart just melt.  

Why do I engage in secondhand shopping ? Well, sometimes, it's better to adopt than to buy. The fashion world is now exposed with the real price of fast fashion and it's not a pretty sight (well, at least for me). Secondhand shopping is a way a woman help other woman to make sure her stuff get a new loving home. It's pretty much a win-win situation where I can have the things I wanted with a fraction of the original price and on the other end, the seller can make room for her new stuff.  Secondhand outlet here in Jakarta is so rare, unlike in LA or NY. So I think, in modern age like this, we need to use the privilege of a gadget to find things (*cough* shopping *cough*). Some countries are blessed to have Poshmark and I don't think Indonesia have that just yet. Several months ago I think South East Asia have Carousell, but now it's not for secondhand shopping, but just for regular shopping, a.k.a. new stuff. I am a fan of thrifting after seeing that sometimes I can spend my cash on something so cheap and yet not that many people wear, like in Pasar Senen or any major thrifting spot in Jakarta. I'm still a fan of regular shopping but I enjoy thrifting a little more at the moment.

p.s :
The rule of thumb for online secondhand shopping is communication. You need to obtain every information that you need to actually agreed on buying. I asked a bunch of question before actually saying yes to this pair.

So, to adopt or not to adopt?

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