Miles and Miles away

I know I have been missing for so long now and I don't have any justification for that. Sometimes, I think it's important to have a little break from everything, even from what you called "passion". I talked about this with my Lecturer awhile ago, I asked him about how human nature it is to be bored of everything, even when it's about something we, or I, really love. He answered my question just with one simple sentence, "If it is really your passion, you wouldn't take too long to get back to things". ... and here I am, the one who took more than 2 weeks vacation from blog routine. I don't regret it, but definitely felt a little guilty. 

First and foremost, you might notice my hair color. Yep, I don't even know what color my hair actually is. The blueish teal faded to this color which I'm not crazy about, but I kinda like how it looks silver-ish at times. I told myself to take a break from crazy color and dye it dark brown and let it grow. I miss my long hair so bad and I need to grow it out properly without chemical build up. This time I won't be making the same mistake of using Henna. Even though it's proven to strengthen my hair and make it grow thicker in quite short amount of time, I will have trouble dyeing my hair with chemical dyes. Yes, Henna fills your hair cuticle very tightly and I don't want that to happen (again).

Second and last, I attended my bestfriend's wedding yesterday and her sister told me about how surprised she was that I actually made it to the wedding. She told me that she has this assumption about how I maybe won't be coming because my friend's traits are very different to mine but yet I still went out of my way to actually come to the wedding hence the VERY short notice. The sweetest thing that she told me about the whole thing was she feels like I'm a great friend. Being really candid and all, I said to her after she told me that sweet thing was "this is my fucking best friend's wedding, why will I not come?" After getting a bit of silence (she was busy with the guests), I realized that it felt really good to have someone point that out. I feel like I am a great friend who's willing to go miles and miles just to help when needed but it's only from my point of view and anyone can say that to themselves. On my way home, I got this epiphany about how we can learn so much about ourself from others' point of view, because at the end of the day, the only one who can assess you is the one seeing from a close distance.

Ok, now that I got that out of my chest, let's just discuss about the outfit. I originally wanted to wear this ensemble to the wedding, because it's formal enough yet still very young and chic!! But since the event was such a religious ceremonial, I opted for something more modest and covered. Sorry I don't have any picture because I was too busy catching up with friends!!



Bandage Skirt - H&M
Nude Pumps - Hefty Salient


  1. I love the outfit! And yes! It's always great to take a break from things.

    Kim .. WANDERLUST?!

  2. I love what youve done with your hair :D

  3. such a babe!


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