[ REVIEW ] Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush, "Fresh Berry"

The time my blush went out of date is the day I panicked. So then I went to find me a blush (with my mom). I came across this blush and thought to my self about how vibrant it looks, not too pale but not too bright. Without mush hesitation, I purchased it. The next morning, when I put on my makeup, I found out that this blush is so pigmented and I only need to lightly dab, not even swish, my brush one time to achieve a good natural look. Since this blush is from the Clear Smooth Shine Free line, the result is really matte but won't make the skin on your cheeks look dry. I don't have that much else to say because this product serve me good.

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  1. Thanks for ur review darling! ur blog is such an inspiration(:

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  2. Look like the perfect color!
    xx Elle

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