[ REVIEW ] Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara

I have been a huge fan of Maybelline's Mascara for a long time now. In fact, the first ever mascara I wear on a daily basis was Maybelline's. From my experience, Maybelline's mascara has always been the mascara that never disappoints me. This girl right here is pretty much a fan of waterproof mascara for all her life and Maybelline pretty much always have a good range of waterproof mascara with every type existed. I usually wear the Magnum Volum' Express but I saw this in the store and I actually haven't tried this one so I gave it a go.

So, here are my opinion :
  • The formula is super thin so it doesn't really clump but it can boost the curl of your lashes.
  • The applicator helps to separate your lashes so it looks like you have a lot of lashes.
  • Staying power is strong and can only be removed with oil based makeup remover.
  • Really is waterproof and defines your lashes.
  • This one is now drying out on me (bought this one a good while ago) and putting several drops of toner can revive it's glory.
So, since I need a new mascara, do you have any suggestion ?