It's been a good couple of months that i actually lost track in my progress. I usually go tho the gym and spend a good 70 minutes there, just doing some regiment that I enjoy doing. But since Ramadhan is now happening and it's actually getting so hot every day, I decided to spare the time to just workout at home. Not that much progress because I need to have my super cardio on the treadmill to actually feel less blobby, but I think I'm doing quite fine. 

This is what I usually wear when I workout at home. Something comfortable enough to wiggle and bend in but cute enough to keep me motivated. When I wear something cute for a workout, I actually feel more pumped (totally copied Anna on black on black for a workout). Yes, I am one hella weird kid.

Here is my usual routine. I found Lucy from Anna's vlog channel. She's Anna's personal trainer and after I checked out her channel, I started doing this "simple home workout" and I feel like it's working. My thighs and bum have a little more definition to them (yes, after bearing the pain of workout aftermath in the next 2 days). I topped everything off with Casey's arm workout and I see more definition on my arms too! Even though I always feel extra dead after each session, It's totally worth the sweat. Check her out and start the change now! 

til' next time,


Tee - Pull and Bear