Up and Survive

It's the beginning stage of Ramadhan here in Indonesia and I would really appreciate if you would forgive me if I ever wronged you in anyway. The essence of Ramadhan itself is to be considerate of others and I feel like this can be applied to daily life, regardless of your religion or beliefs. It's when you're being compassionate and considerate for others, you will find life lessons - and that my friend, is one expensive lesson.

To the outfit itself, invitation for iftars are now flooding from friends and I think rather than looking like a slob because fasting kinda makes you tired (and you will look tired), I'd put on some simple (and cute) outfit that can lift my mood up and gives me a little extra strength to get through the day and eventually survive the fasting.



Libra - Brash Shoes


  1. Happy Ramadhan...BTW you look gorgeous!

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