As I mentioned here a couple posts ago, that May was actually my vacation month. I went to  the beach which was Pramuka Island, and then to a concrete jungle, Singapore. I can feel the urge to travel is now crushing my inner soul, the one wants to be carefree and experience life as an adventure. As I see so many YouTubers now travelling the world, manifesting what they called "dream", I feel the need to grow a pair of wings and then fly away to pursuit mine. 

My feet are now clogged with "summer" themed everything (well, people going on a vacation to some beautiful cities) and I think this outfit was inspired by a thought of having a lovely brunch in Nice, France ... or Rome, Italy. I don't know why, but it's influenced by how those 2 cities have this rusty, romantic vibe. But why is it has to be brunch? .. Because I love brunch. The dress on its own doesn't say much, it's just a casual outfit you wear on a daily basis. Soon as I put the heels on, have a vibrant patterned clutch in hand, threw on a scarf then "belted" it with a tie, also topped it with sunnies, suddenly my outfit looks so dressy. This is definitely something I would wear on either vacation brunch or a vacation dinner ... but more so on a brunch.

What do you think ? What will you possibly wear to a lovely brunch when you're on vacation?

until next time,

Dress - H&M
Heels - Hefty Salient
Clutch - Gifted
Scarf - Mom's
Tie - Dad's


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