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It's a bit unusual, but I'm in the mood for some girl talk.. Are you up for a bit of a girl talk, babes? I know that majority of my readers are, indeed, women. A couple weeks ago, I came across an article at Buzzfeed where one of their employee got fitted for bras and get all this crazy sizes that aren't actually fit her. I personally can relate, so so much! Growing up, I am actually ashamed of my body, particularly, my boobies.. Well, they're foreign to me (puberty is a confusing matter, am I right?). Why was I ashamed ? Well, since I'm in the bigger side of the chart, I have to put up with ugly bras .. the ones that has this huge straps and don't even look flattering. I was always hiding behind oversized clothing because I don't like the shape of my bust. Later on, I discovered that I can wear a much cuter bra, ... but then again, it's hard to get fitted properly as I was only shopped in a department store where it's kinda embarrassing to shop alone. Funny that I think it was terrifying to be seen in the lingerie side of the store, so I have my mom chose the bra (the ones that is not particularly cute whatsoeverrrr).. I don't even know what my size is until high school, it's that embarrassing (some of my friends, to this day, haven't really buy bras on her own)!!

In high school, my friends and I have a more open conversation regarding our bodies. We talked about puberty, period, ... boys ..., life, makeup and all kind of clothing including bras and panties. I mean, we have reached that age where wearing cute (but more like a grown up cute) undies is a necessity. Again, I'm in the bigger side of the chart, so while my friends can buy undies from a whole lot of cute selection, I only have a handful of options. Ok, back to the article from Buzzfeed, Kristin went to several places that are legitimate places to get bras. Even then, she still was measured incorrectly by the employee of that bra places. When I go bra shopping, I have to try on several sizes in order to get the right fit. It's such a hassle because different company carries different sizing. So when your bust is big, you can't buy bra on a whim, you (personally, ... me) have to set aside one shopping trip just to get some bras. So ... yeah.

I came up with these tips for you, based on several opinions of my friends, in order to get a right fit for your girls:
  1. Measure yourself (or get help from a professional) then Google the equivalent size from different countries' standard (US, UK, Europe, even Japan). This will help you to wiggle that size of yours a bit and will help you shop for bras in different stores because different brand have different size standard.
  2. When trying on bras, get 3 bras. One the size that you're in, one bigger size, and one smaller size. If you're planning to buy make sure you get the one the comfiest and the best fit, because those are the most important things.
  3. Don't be afraid to try on different sizes (bigger cup - smaller band or smaller cup - bigger band). Because sometimes, bigger cup will hold you boobs better and will reduce the sizing of your band so it sits just right around your ribcage and hold the girls up, vice versa.
  4. Underwired bras won't kill you, they support you no matter what. From C-cup and up, this is something that will shape you up and it will look flattering.
  5. You need to have different bras for different kind of clothing. You don't want to show off your bra to the whole world right? So strapless bra for off-the-shoulder top, spaghetti strap dresses, strapless dress, and so on. T-shirt bras for regular day when you only need to be in your comfy tee and jeans for the whole day. To be certain, I recommend to google this up for research purposes, so you can actually open your horizon to new knowledge (and to a huge range of cute bras).
Since I decided that I want to take this bloggity stuff more on the serious side, I learn more about clothing in general. I actually shopping for something with the right fit (and successfully score some cute bras that fit me well). I learn that wearing something with the right fit will flatter your body shape no matter what shape you're in. Back to the bra talk, ... to be honest, some of my friends (and obviously my self included) love underwired bra, because it supports and some of them were happy without the underwire because they don't need the support. But aside of your preferences, you need to get the right bra fit. Because, you know when you find that right bra, you will not feel the boobies .. like, not in a bad way. It's like you don't have to worry about your boobies spilling out, straps that are too tight, non-supporting band, and so on. A good (and cute) bra will make you feel so good inside, like fuzzy and warm! As your bust is supported, you will have more of a flattering shape, and your mood will also lifted.. Talk about triple kill!

If you need some bra inspiration, you need give online-window shopping a go, ... you know, a research. You can try to go to Freshpair and see their wide range of bras, panties, lingeries, and undies in general. On Freshpair, they have articles too that talks about fitting, body talk, even on trend tips! Visit them and be prepare to squeal over cute bras and panties!

These are some of my favourite !!

p.s : all pics were taken from Freshpair.

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  1. Such great advice...I enjoyed reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing (:

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  2. Thank you for sharing ^^


  3. OMG! I can relate to this post. it's so hard for me to find a cute one especially with the size of my bust that really unflattering.
    you are a total inspiration, gurl.
    i love your blog, the reviews are AMAZING.
    and i'm so envy with your confidence, hun. i'm a big size girl and never really got the guts to post anything about OOTD because i'm insecure about my body.
    also my blog is awful too so yeah lol.
    but i love your blog. I DO..i really like your blog. I love your style! *sounds a bit creepy sorry
    keep up the good work. i definitely gonna read your posts ;)

    P:S sorry my english is horrible :p



    1. Hi Ai,

      confidence is something that you build overtime. I was at the lowest point of confidence when I was in junior high school. But when I entered high school, I said to my self to just "fuck it". I tried to be more like my self and turned out, being my self "attracts" more of like-minded people, hence I met lovely friends that still as crazy as we first met.

      p.s : I stalked your twitter (because your IG is locked), and you look beautiful and cute so no need to be insecure, because at the end of the day, the most important opinion is your opinion.



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