Date Night ft. Glitzz and Grace

Another collaboration with a trusted topic among girls, "First Date". I wouldn't even try to lie to you guys, this topic is kinda the most searched topic among us girls. It's because when we go on a first date, it's kinda nerve wracking and we want to look our best yet it has to also look effortless. I have posted several outfit that are "first date" appropriate but this time I will show you my designated "Date Night" outfit.

A typical day date outfit for me is something that involves color (or may be not, only when the mood strikes), so to balance it out for a night date, I usually pick something simple and at the same time, elevate my mood (read: cute). This Little Black Dress isn't actually a dress but it qualifies enough to be a LBD. I only make a little alteration by cinch the waist with a watercolor patterned tie. The tie actually throws a little color to the whole outfit and gives a little pop. Last but not least, the wedges is something that attach the whole outfit to look "put together" enough.

Since us, girls, love this topic so much... how about seeing Glitzz and Grace's take on first date outfit??

p.s :
Yes, finally back to a darker mane. Not black because I'm not ready for such commitment (yes, going too dark is a commitment), but I'm now hopefully settled to a dark brown. Hopefully I will be able to keep this color for a year and let my hair grow back to it's glory, then back to mermaid hair!!



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  1. Nice outfit, your date would be lucky! ^^

  2. Love the way you use the tie to make this dress more stylish. Creative yet helpful post!
    <3 <3 <3


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