Flat Clean

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks into Ramadhan and Eid is near!! Towards the end of Ramadhan, as usual, break-fasting invitations are flooding in. Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy to actually spend time with friends but at times I just want to be at home having a low-key meal with myself. I don't get myself tho, ... I'm such a loner who wants to be in PJs all day and having green tea on evenings (it helps me sleep better sometimes, sometimes is the key word). Something irked me a bit when a friend of mine asked me whether I have loose some weight during fasting, ... I said to her that I don't even weigh myself nowadays and only measure "things" based on how clothes fit when I put them on. Happily still in an "M" range even though I feel like I gained a bit because I don't do my usual workout which consist of cardio - power walk, 2 types of leg raises, arm toning, and a couple types of squats. But since I only eat 2 times a day and I don't eat rice on a daily basis anymore (just when I feel like it), I just need to move a bit more to shake it out of my system.

Ok, to the outfit now, ... I got this trousers from a recent shopping trip (see HAUL here!) and immediately fell in love, then soon as I tried them on I just love them even more! Decided to pair them with a simple top that I tweaked to resemble a crop top. I love how it expose a bit of my midriff (uuuuuh, inspired by Taylor Swift!!) and make the whole outfit looks a bit more sharp. The colors I use in this outfit are a bit muted so I think throwing red heels will make it more va-va-voom -ish! No accessories involved because I don't like wearing them, I like my outfit simple and flat-clean (I think it's not even a word).

What makes you feel va-va-voom ?? I'd love to know!!



Trousers - H&M
Red Heels - Hefty Salient