I recently found Loey Lane after reading an article about how she shuts down body-shammers on a website. Soon after stalking her on different platform of social media, I can conclude that I'm in love with her and her way of thinking. She is by far, someone that I can look up to in a sense of how I should carry my self. Confidently. No matter how your body look, you just need to do you. No one can actually entitled to tell you what to do, because at the end of the day, if you have done everything that is healthy, it's for you and just you. If you have done all you could and they still preach on you, screw them (because they can actually be less of a healthy person than you are). Keep on working your way to be healthy and just enjoy the journey, ... because I am *insert a super happy grin emoji here*!

To the outfit, I just feel so gloomy lately. The fact that the last couple of day were so hot, I'm longing for a stormy rain. Dressing in this gloomy grey mood helps me calm down. I am that weird, I know. The sweater and the bandage skirt is something I will actually rock whenever the stormy days come, either at the house or going out (believe it or not, when I am in the mood, I can be fully dressed+makeup in the house for no reason. I just love it!). The heels have the role of dressing this outfit out, just in case I need to go out, ... just in case. As I always say, dressing up calms me down and it fells therapeutic to me. I feel empowered every time I got fully dressed, I feel like #iamflawless

What makes you feel empowered ?


Libra - Brash Shoes


  1. oh my i want that top. where did you get that?

    what makes me feel empowered , probably music because i love hiding myself in a room listening some good music and getting away from people or the world that sometimes could be a little overwhelming to me. and somehow, listening music or reading a book, watching dvds or just laying there all day by myself is calms me down , like its my energy source. so yeah.. great post. :)
    (i think i'm spending too much time on your amazing blog that i keep dropping a comment on your post..lol sorry for that)

    cheers :D


    1. Hi Ai,
      I got that top as a hand-me-down from my aunt and then chopped the bottom part to make it a cropped sweater. No, ... Don't be sorry. I love when people drop by my blog.

      have a great day!


    2. Hi omg i don't know you replied back, thank you so much. you pay attention to your readers, that's so nice. :)
      ok so, i don't even know how many times i go back to your lovely blog, but that Top you wear is one of my main goals. I LOOOOOVE IT ^_^
      i hope one day you're gonna create a branded fashion/clothing for a big size girl like meh, and i definitely gonna be the first one who buy it :D
      thanks for replied back anyway, i appreciate it.




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