[ REVIEW ] L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil

5 days ago, I found a leftover blue dye in my stash and couldn't stop myself to mix it up with some conditioner then put that concoction on my hair. Then I was so happy to have a blue hair once again, ... I applied it by hand and I only coloured my hair 1 inch away from my scalp to get a "grown out" look. It was the best thing that I did for whole July, yet the color only lasted about 3 days because I only left it on my hair for a quick 5 minutes, so I don't think it penetrates my hair enough to last for 1 week, let alone 2 (had so much damage already, I don't want to worsen it up). Now I have this weird looking, grayish-green hair that can only be seen in direct light or something. But then again, I love it regardless.

My hair was a bit more coarse than before I dyed it. Not a big deal because I have been dealing with coarse hair for so long now, and the state of coarseness was not that bad, so it can be fixed with a trip to conditioner aisle. But .. at one point, my hair started breaking again. Ugh! I have take a good care of my hair to minimize the breaking and I ruined everything (well, not every-thing but definitely had a little tantrum inside my head)! Guess what, the day my hair started breaking was the day that I ran out of my hair oil! What a very nice day, it was. So I quickly made a trip to the drugstore and in the hunt for some nourishing hair oil. Fingers was crossed so hard that day. Upon arriving to the first place, I found my trusted hair mask and L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil, but I made a trip to the second drugstore just to check the price difference (Oh, yea .. totally being a woman. We shop carefully, even the slightest gap made a difference). But I couldn't find the hair oil in the second drugstore and the trusted hair mask was cheaper in the first store, so there went I back to the first store. After paying both the hair mask and oil, I rushed back home then washed my hair then I tried this product.

So this is my first impression to L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil :
  • Has pump with a "twist to lock" system for easier "measurement".
  • Product is liquid-ish and easy to distribute all over the hair.
  • Smells like camomile, vanilla, nutty, musky-ish.
  • After the product left to dry, hair was amazingly soft and fluffily healthy.

It's been a good "week" and I already used this product as an "after shampoo" and a "leave in/heat protectant" nourishment. They claimed that this can be use as a hair mask, but I'm not gonna do it because my hair doesn't seem to love oil type of hair mask (really, I tried long before getting this product). While waiting for my hair to absorb all the nourishment, I did some research. This product has 6 types of flower oil with exceptional powers, such as:
  • Lotus Oil gives an intense nutrition.
  • Camomile Oil boost shine and radiance.
  • Tiara Flower Oil protects from dryness.
  • Matricaria Oil softens and relaxes hair texture.
  • Rose Oil protects from external aggressors.
  • Flax Oil intensely hydrates.
On the website I landed in, it said that this product is "a perfectly balanced oil with a texture so absorbing that it instantly penetrates and adjusts to the specific needs of each hairtype to nourish and provide perfect care". Like, ... all of them are true but I found that with Indonesia's humidity the effect of this extraordinary oil can only last for 2 or 3 days. But if you're in a controlled temperature, air conditioned room all the time, I bet it can last way longer. Despite that one problem, I recommend you to get this product because with all it's glory - the price is super affordable (available online, drugstores, and groceries stores)!!

until next time, babes!


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