road trip

First and foremost, ... I'm sorry that I haven't really post. I'm in a road trip to get my bachelor degree. No, not a road-trip, road trip. It's more of a slow-but-sure trip. Taking a day at a time to actually compose a compulsory paper. Trying as hard to stop lounging around aimlessly and actually write the compulsory paper. So now we're on a same page? Thank you for listening, babes!

For the outfit itself, I was in the mood to not to be dressed up as much. Since I haven't actually post a picture with my Kimono from Evolve Boutique, I think it's time. Loving the pop of pattern and color in this ensemble. Something simple to go on a brunch, lunch, dinner or even a casual business meeting. For me this outfit is so versatile because it's simple and you can switch any piece to fit through your event with the black top and skirt still intact.

wish me luck!


Necklace - Romwe
Shoes - Hefty Salient


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