Up and Away

If you watched my #SlumberTrip : Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara vlog, you knew that I went to the airport on a crazy hour. That day I didn't pay that much attention to what I was wearing and just wanted to fly right away so I can get my sleep. So here's a more "thoughtful" outfit if I have the chance to undo what I did. Nothing fancy, comfy tank and ripped jeans, a bit of height with the sneaker-wedges, a parka to fight the cold on the plane, and your go-to bag.

Airport fashion is a real thing, ... you know. For my point of view, "airport fashion" is a way to show that fashion is not merely something outrageous and crazy. Fashion is everyone's cup of tea, even though they doesn't really "like" fashion. People dress a certain way that they like. Style, on the other hand, ... is something that's totally can not be copied. Fashion is you buying the same thing as Kylie Jenner bought. Style is that piece of clothing won't look as fierce as hers just because you don't have her body, this is style. Different body type, different approach in styling.

What am I rambling on? I think I need to go.
Talk to you soon, babes!


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