Yes, I know that I have been missing like, ... a month or so. But since I'm now doing my compulsory paper, I don't have that much brain space left to juggle everything at once. So ..yeah. *awkward silence* Not to worry tho, I'm trying as best to try to come up with something from now on, so may be one post a week.

My routine nowadays is just plain boring because if I'm not in campus doing my paper or doing some kind of consultation with my adviser, I'll be at the gym .. then once I get home, I'll be resting and doing some more paper stuff. Yep, trying so hard to keep up with the boring schedules but I have to stick with the game plan unless I want to spend more time as a student. Y'all know I want to graduate so bad, huh?

Onto the outfit, ... Since "back to campus" is a thing at this particular time of the year, this is the kind of outfit that I'm wearing on a daily basis to campus. I know some of the pieces I wear here as a "campus style" might not be acceptable in some campus but hey, ... as a senior, I couldn't care less about those stares I get from juniors. Truly, I only dress to be comfortable sitting all day while doing some typing and researching, .. and this outfit is to die for in terms of comfortability. Slouchy cardigan, crop top, jeans, and ye olde converse. What's your go to lazy outfit to school or campus ?

I didn't grow my hair overnight.



Cardigan - H&M
Crop Tee - Romwe
High Waisted Jeans - H&M
Sneankers - Converse
Hair Clip - Franelise