Stripey Silhouette

Couple weeks ago, I was accompanying a friend on the hunt for some wedding party outfit. So then we went to a Factory Outlet near my house. After a good 20 minutes of looking for outfit here and there (for her, not for me), my eyes landed on this beautiful skirt. The double slits and pattern just look so cute and ... I ended up buying this piece along with a stripes crop top. I don't know why I'm so in love with stripes lately but those piece were so cute! The idea behind this ensemble is wedding parties that seem to be happening lately. But after I put all the pieces together, I feel like this is appropriate for a date night or a business casual party. Loving the silhouette the skirt makes and how the top just sit right above where the skirt starts (and I think my workout regime is working good so far)

oh and btw, ... I can't wait until sweater weather start!!! All the rain and gloomy sky, you know!

Still not my real hair, ... hairclip from Franelise.

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  1. Beauty skirt ♥

  2. nice purse
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  3. this outfit is slaying!
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