Fall - in and out.

I have been postponing to put up this post for quite some time. Why ? ... Because I haven't been really in tune with my self. It's a tricky situation but I have been pushing my self to do as much as I could for this blog. I changed the name of the blog again and readjusting some stuff, as I was inspired by Heidi Nazarudin, Fifi Alvianto, and Diana Rikasari on a interactive seminar from Clozette Indonesia and Blogger Babes Indonesia that I attended last week. It was such a pleasant experience to be there and absorb all the tips that they have, after all ... they're all a professional blogger.

Fall is near for you who lives in the glorious region of upper earth (what?) or may be you're still struggling with a weird weather - cold and cozy in the morning, the gate of hell in the afternoon, and cool and breezy in the evening. This is a fall proof outfit for me, ... when it gets cold, put on the cardigan and when you feel too warm, you can take the cardigan off. The boots might be a little "too much" when it gets so hot, but what I can say.. I need the height! I just can't wait for the colder weather to arrive (you must know this, if you've been here for awhile) ! 



Jeans - H&M
Top - H&M
Boots - Koumi Koumi


  1. Those boots are cute! Love the look♥♥



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