L A Ze H A Ze

Wow, ... It's been a while, huh? I feel like it's been forever since the last post! I have been having hard time to adjust life. My compulsory paper taking most of my attention because I need to revise and add material over and over again. But at times I actually enjoy the process. October is my month and I decided to take things slowly at a steady pace so I will actually move along, having progress here and there. Anxiety often creeps up on me, yet I'm trying to keep it at bay ... hence taking slow progress.

To the outfit I'm wearing, ... just some lazy getup if I needed to run errands once the gloomier days arrive! Decided to add color to the whole outfit by these red wine-ish boots. 

back to short hair, finally it's soft and healthy enough to look decent on pictures. Hair care routine soon to be posted!



Tee - H&M
Cardigan - Hand Me Down
Boots - Koumi Koumi


  1. Those ankle boots... simply loved that!

  2. You look gorgeous in black and white!

  3. You look gorgeous in black and white!


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