Hair Care Regime + Products for Fried Hair

If you remember, ... My hair was fried and have breakage because the bleach I put on for the sake of bright blue hair. After 6 months of laying off chemical hair dye and switch to henna, I can finally have a somewhat smooth hair once again. I tried my best to boost my hair growth, but since I have chemical build up in my scalp, it was not easy. Around the end of June or early July, I decided to just give in to "no-poo" method (not using shampoo as often, may be once a week to get rid of oil and product build up) and turn towards more of a "natural" route. I switch my hair care regime to mostly "coconut" based products, because people have been raving about how great coconut is to promote hair growth with an oomph. So, .. I use coconut hair mask, coconut hair conditioner, and virgin coconut oil as a deep conditioner (Keep in mind that hair growth rate and speed are different for everyone, but many blogger/vlogger swear by this coconut method).

I was inspired after an extensive "research" on YouTube for a new haircare routine for damaged hair. Then I found 1 video that resonates a lot with me (video embedded below)!! The result has been amazing so far. I can't really tell for hair growth because I trim my hair every month to get rid of the crispy, damaged hair ... but as far as how smooth and manageable my hair for the past month or two, hands down this is the state that my hair was 2 years ago before I started to chemically colored my hair (before then, I use henna every month, because it said to promote hair growth and keep your hair to a certain color)! With the coconut oil, I started to use shampoo more often - 3 times a week, after every deep conditioning (my scalp doesn't like it tho, so I diluted the shampoo with water so it's not as thick) ... but, lemme tell you, it's not that bad to use diluted shampoo!

On a more chronological order :

  1. Mustika Ratu Penyubur Rambut (Hair Tonic) all over my scalp and hair shaft, leave it on for at least 6 hours. With a spray bottle, 1x a week.
  2. Mustika Ratu Cem Ceman (Hair Mask) only from mid-shaft to the ends of my hair, every other day in the shower, leave it on for 3 minutes - used without shampoo prior to the hair mask.
  3. Azmi Virgin Coconut Oil (any coconut hair will do) as a deep conditioning, saturated on the scalp and work through to the ends of my hair, massage the scalp for a good 5 minutes (inversion method) then leave it on for at least 2 hours, 3x a week. (Wash this off with shampoo of your choice)
  4. Mustika Ratu Bilasan Santan (Hair Conditioner), use in the shower after doing VCO hair mask (use this after you shampoo the VCO off).
  5. L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, basically for every time I wet my hair.

Products I use :

pics taken from GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH

Before intensively doing this regime, my hair was so coarse with split ends. Now I can say that I have less split ends and my "rootage", as Guy Tang would say, is more healthy looking and feels more alive! For me, intensive hair care is a game changer, because you have to commit to it for a good result. I have only been doing this for 3 months and I think I will commit to this regime for a good while, ... until I reach a certain length.

p.s : hair banding is e-pic, so here's a-pic .. (get it? get it? .. ah nevermind)
2 months worth of hair growth ! // taken from snapchat : anjanideee