Summer All Around

I'm just gonna throw my towel in the ring, ... I give up. I don't think rainy season is around the corner. May be a month from today? ... Global warming, and not to mention the recent forest fire in Sumatra, worsen the, already, messed up climate. Since it can get to 34ÂșC everyday, I need to find alternative clothing to accommodate the temperature, even though I would totally rock some fall outfit on a everyday basis, ... the weather makes it impossible! The only way to rock and strut in some fall inspired outfit is when I go to the Mall because the air-conditioning can get so cold. 

I need to up my blogging game. No more excuses. To make this a real thing, I need to arrange some scheduling so I don't neglect my compulsory paper either. So, from now on .. I will try to post twice a week, how's Monday and Friday sounds to you? ... good?


Tanks, Bralette, Shorts - H&M


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