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About a week ago, I went to a first meet up with my Star Clozetter friends. After went on a cute lunch (vlog below), we rushed ourselves to attend an invitation from ORLY miin. When we got there, Ratih, ORLY miin representative, greeted us and gave us a mini tour of this lovely beauty lounge. After a good laugh or two, one by one got to experience a treatment of our choice. I got the nail gel extension, because the other options (beside the hand spa) was too scary for me. If you watch my vlog channel, you'll know all about the experience... but don't worry, I put 2 of my vlogs when I documented my thoughts on the treatment below so you can watch. As you'll see below with all the picture I included here, the place is so neat and cozy, the treatment done meticulously, and they have the most friendly staff. If you need to wind down a bit, the nail spa, manicure, and pedicure took about 45 minutes to an hour and the nail gel extension took me only about 30 minutes and my nails still in their prime condition, no chip and dentures. 

In the middle of come chit chats and laughs, we were lucky enough to get to chat with Mr. Kang, the founder of ORLY miin, about what ORLY miin is all about. He told us that ORLY has around 390 (or even more) shades of polishes (that's one for every-day and you still have 40 shades left)! Every polish has a great endurance, won't dry quickly, pigmented, and actually made to be safe for using, even for pregnant lady. Those lovely nail polishes were equipped with a rubber grip, so you won't have any trouble opening and closing it (say no more to thicken nail polish!), and a brush that fan out, so it's thinner and can spread out the polish neatly. With thin brush, instead of thick brush, you can actually save so much nail polish because you will use less, even though you will have to layer 2 or 3 times to get a desired bold color. The cherry on top is that ORLY has a series of treatment from a simple base coat, top coat, quick dry, cuticle care, to strengtheners and nail maintenance! Talk about getting healthy and pretty nails at the same time! Because ORLY is a premium brand, this is not a surprise at all ... and even more exciting, it's affordable too (+100 women point from me)

Mr. Kang also told us that all their therapist were trained by the best ones in the business and I can tell from their work ethic. One time I sneaked to my friend's room to see her getting her eyebrows done and the therapist was "drawing" the hair with such precision. Then later I found out that they weren't just trained once, but several times, .. again, by the best in the industry. Yeah, I know ... it's a solid W O W. Since ORLY miin is a premium beauty lounge, they aimed for a healthy care and hygienic environment, including their tools .. so again, not a surprise!

If you want to see different services by ORLY miin, I included my friend's post at the end of this one.

BLOGGERS with Mr. Kang

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Purchased this FLASH DRY and get the mask as a gift!


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