I'm currently co-existing with a flu. Yes, snotty nose and breathing trouble. Everything got held up because I feel so drowsy and concentrating is the last thing that I can do. Had couple glasses of tea, green tea and peppermint, but nothing seems to help. So I forced myself to at least do one productive thing that won't make me even more drowsy... Yes, writing this long overdue post.

Couple days ago, I got invited to Clozette Indonesia's event, "Healthy Skin, Healthy You" (event report will be live soon!) and I was so excited to soak up on information on how to be healthier! The dress code was "feminine yellow", but since all yellow I have will make me look like a banana, I opted for something more casual, mustard yellow boots and yellow printed scarf. Oh, and I finally debuted my oh-so-short hair here. My hair clip was actually broken, but when I put this outfit on and stared at the mirror, I liked it better with short hair .. and then when I put on my hair clip, it was broken. Coincidence? ... I think not.

Talking about hair, I love my hair color here. As previously I vowed to only use henna on my hair to boost its growth (cut it too short exactly a month ago), ... I gave up because I accidentally put on henna for too long and as a result my hair was jet black. I was so done and sad at the same time because jet black hair is the last thing I want. That color make my face features look more harsh, .. you know. So as I was strolling in the nearby mall, I purchased a box of Revlon Color Silk #54 Light Golden Brown. Had the concoction for an hour or so, then after washing it off, my roots was amazingly light golden brown, like perfect color that I like and it brought out the burgundy from the henna so I have this awkward light golden brown roots with burgundy red shaft. I like it regardless. Since my hair is super short, my waves is back because my hair is actually healthy. Hereby, I vowed to only use Revlon Color Silk #54 Light Golden Brown to color my hair for at least 1 year. My hair journey started from square 1 a month ago, and hopefully a year from now I will get my luscious long hair back.


Scarf - Mom's
Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Unbranded
Oversized Cardi - HandMeDown
Mustard Boots - Koumi Koumi


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